Photographer Shoots His Dog in Madonna's Outfits for Charity

Photographer Shoots His Dog in Madonna’s Outfits for Charity

Madonna has created a style that is going to be remembered for a long time, both in music and fashion. It has served as a sea of inspiration for many artists. One of them is French fashion photographer Vincent Flouret who has been working for months on a project featuring his six-year-old dog in Madonna’s iconic outfits. 

The idea came to Vincent when he was doing volunteering work in City Shelters in L.A. He was taking pictures of dogs to make their adoption chances increase. That’s when the idea of photo shooting his faithful companion Max in the famous artist’s clothing came to his mind.

Now the project goes under the name «Maxdonna.» The artist and his puppy have managed to recreate such iconic looks as the shoot for «Hung up» and «True Blue» album cover. 

«These pictures, between the shoots, the homemade costumes, the training took me eight months to do,» Vincent told us. «I am a big fan of Madonna. These pictures I’m doing with Max are tributes to artists that I love and respect. It’s a break between my commercial work that is bringing me to the simple pleasure of pure creation, love, and happiness,» says Vincent.

Originating from volunteering work, the project has preserved its charitable side. All the money gathered from the sold copies of «Maxdonna» will go to Madonna’s charity organization Raising Malawi. Madonna herself talks about the project in the following way, «Yes! She posted the ‘Like a Virgin’ cover on her Instagram. I was like a kid when I discovered it! Scroll down below to see Max in action, and let us know what you think in the comments!»

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The True Blue



«Music» Singal



Material Girl






«Cherish» Music Video



The Famous Movie Poster



Harper’s Bazaar Cover




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